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ReviteWellness, Welcome to healthier Living At The Villas

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

We are rapidly approaching a future in which our individualized health needs will be proactively addressed with personalized interventions.

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By leveraging data from medical records, lifestyle information, and genetics, we are able to create tailored wellness plans that address your specific needs. This is the most proactive approach to health that includes 4 major components: nutrition, physical activity, supplements, and neurological activities. With ReviteWellness, we can help you achieve your optimal state of health and vitality. Join us at The Villas on this journey to better health!

What is ReviteWellness and how does it work

ReviteWellness is a revolutionary new health and wellness program that uses cutting-edge technology to help individuals achieve their health goals. Utilizing personalized assessments, tailored exercise plans, and one-on-one advice from certified professionals, this revolutionary program helps you improve your physical and mental well being. This is available to all Villa residents at both our Holmdel and Manalapan location. We will help you continuously monitor your progress and make adjustments as necessary to optimize results. Our knowledgeable staff understand the various obstacles in each user's life and are available for customized guidance as needed. ReviteWellness puts all the tools necessary to be a healthier, more fulfilled person directly into your hands - helping you reach a new level of fitness while also developing beneficial lifestyle habits which you can carry into the future.

How ReviteWellness can help you achieve your wellness goals

ReviteWellness provides an innovative approach to help you reach your personal health and wellness goals. Designed to offer personalized nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle plans tailored to meet individual needs, offering a convenient way to track progress and set realistic objectives. Whether you want to lose weight, get in shape, eat healthier or simply improve your overall wellbeing, we can assist you in creating the perfect plan based on your lifestyle habits. With weekly support and expert guidance from trained professionals in the field of holistic health and fitness, users have the ability to adjust schedule or plan as needed and receive regular feedback along the way. We have 4 main focus points that include nutrition, physical activity, supplements and brain activity.


Eating healthy is essential for our overall wellbeing and should be the core of your diet. Eating nutrient-rich foods, like fruits and vegetables, can provide us with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are necessary for optimal health. When it comes to making food choices, it’s important to avoid processed foods that are high in fat, sugar, sodium, and other additives as well as deep-fried foods. Instead, focus on selecting wholesome options like nuts, seeds, legumes, lean proteins such as fish or poultry, whole grains and more. Incorporating these types of foods into a balanced diet can help you maintain a healthy weight while providing necessary nutrition for your body.

In addition to healthier food choices, drinks also play an important role in nutrition. Water is the best choice when it comes to hydration while avoiding sugary beverages such as soda or juice. Low-fat milk and unsweetened tea are other great alternatives that can help keep you properly hydrated. Natural herbs like mint or rosemary should be added to your diet, adding flavor without extra sugars or calories and include other benefits like aiding digestion.

Finally when planning meals for yourself make sure to consider portion size; use smaller plates if needed! This will help ensure that you’re not overeating and will make it easier to regulate calorie consumption throughout the day. Remember that eating healthy doesn’t have to mean cutting out all of your favorite dishes—it just means being mindful of what you eat and how much of each food type you’re consuming in order to maintain good nutritional balance.


Physical activity is our second component that plays an essential role in maintaining overall health and wellbeing. It helps to boost our energy levels, keep our body strong and healthy, improve our mood, reduce stress and anxiety, while improving sleep quality. There are countless activities for everyone of all ages, shapes, and sizes that can help to meet their fitness goals. For a full-body workout, strength training is an excellent option as it helps to build muscle mass, increase bone density, and improve balance. Alternatively, aerobic exercises such as running, biking or swimming can help to strengthen the heart and improve cardiovascular health while burning calories at the same time. Yoga and Pilates are also great choices for improving flexibility and range of motion while calming the mind. For those who may not be able to spend a lot of time engaging in physical activities outside of the home or gym, simply taking a walk around the block is enough to reap some of the benefits exercise has to offer. At the end of the day, it is important to find something that you enjoy doing and make it part of your regular routine. Regular physical activity has been proven through extensive research to be beneficial for both physical health as well as mental wellbeing - so get moving!


Taking dietary supplements and medicines is sometimes a necessary part of staying healthy. They can provide vital nutrients that are not found in food, while medications are beneficial for managing symptoms associated with medical conditions like diabetes and hypertension. Before starting any new supplement regiments or taking any new medications, it’s essential to speak to a doctor to ensure safety and efficacy. This is especially important when combining medications with supplements as certain combinations may cause adverse reactions.

In addition, the dosages of various supplements and medicines should be carefully monitored. For instance, too much iron or calcium can be toxic and cause serious health issues such as organ damage and irregular heartbeats. Likewise, taking too much of certain medications for extended periods of time can lead to drug toxicity and other potentially dangerous health complications. It’s very important to check with your doctor regarding dosage levels in order to minimize potential side effects while still receiving the desired benefit from both supplements and medications.

Finally, when dealing with any type of dietary supplement or medication, always read all the labels and instructions thoroughly before using them. Knowing the ingredients will help you determine if there are any potential interactions with existing health conditions or drugs currently being taken before they're used. Understanding how long it takes for a particular supplement or medicine to take effect will also help you plan accordingly so that you don’t miss out on its benefits by taking them too late in the day or too early in the morning. Together, these precautionary steps can help ensure that you get the most out of your dietary supplements and medications without putting yourself at risk for any adverse reactions or long-term damage.


Our ReviteWellness program is much more than just nourishing the body. We recognize the importance of stimulating the brain and incorporate neurological stimulation into our health and wellness initiatives. Our clinical team works with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, thereby creating a tailored plan that takes into consideration all aspects of your unique needs. Using advanced neurological stimulation, we are able to help boost mental performance and open up new pathways for living a healthier life.

The advantages of integrating neurological stimulation into our health and wellness programs are numerous. It can help improve cognitive functioning such as memory recall, problem solving and learning speed. It also has been shown to increase concentration levels and concentration accuracy, as well as enhance creativity, decision-making capabilities and overall mental performance. Additionally, it can lead to better emotional regulation, improved self-confidence and even enhanced personality traits such as initiative taking, assertiveness and self-discipline.

Our ReviteWellness program incorporates many different types of neurological stimulation techniques in order to maximize each individual's potential benefits. These include biofeedback training, EEG neurofeedback techniques, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), neuromodulation therapies including magnetic field therapy (MFT) and transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS). Each type of stimulation works differently based on its target area or specific purpose; for example, some forms may be used for relaxation while others could focus on improving attention span or alertness levels.

The benefits of using ReviteWellness

ReviteWellness provides you with an easier more tailored way to stay on top of your health goals. Through our proprietary program, you have access to nutritionists, trainers, and coaches that give personalized support and advice. We can also help with meal planning tools to help you make smarter choices, when it comes to nutrition. With its help, users can conveniently build and maintain habits to improve their thinking and physical health - all from the comfort of your own home!

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